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For over 20 years foam insulation has been used for specialized insulating requirements like refrigeration and volatile chemical storage. Today's improvements in application and physical makeup have now made it possible to use Spray Polyurethane Foam in commercial and residential insulation applications.

There are two basic types of SPF on the market today. Low density (1/2lb/cuft) foam (often called Icynene a company that makes Open Cell SPF) was the first to be used as residential insulation. It is sprayed in the wall cavity and shaved off with a saw. Its R-Value is similar to fiberglass and cellulose (3.2 - 3.6 per inch). While all three of these products provide equal insulating R-Value, Cellulose and Low Density SPF are more efficient at stopping airflow than fiberglass installed in wall cavities.



In 2004 Yonah Walls saw the trend toward more efficient insulation as an opportunity to provide our customers and contractors with a better product. After months of investigation we added OPEN and CLOSED CELL SPF to our insulating solutions. Closed Cell SPF has twice the R-Value per inch as other insulations and is 100% efficient. It is the only solution for achieving todays requirements in vaulted ceilings using 2x8 construction (R-38) in zone 8 in Georgia. Our application subs use a compact self-contained application system that is mobile enough to get to the residential construction in the mountains as well as the chicken houses of the area farmers. Of course we continue to offer fiberglass and stabilized cellulose which for some applications are very efficient and are much less expensive.

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Using CLOSED CELL Polyurethane Foam sprayed inside the cavity seals all air flow through walls as it insulates and adds superior strength against racking. Notice that the wall cavity is not completely filled.  Since 1.8 lb/cuft CLOSED CELL foam has double the Heat Transfer Resistance (R-Value) as cellulose, fiberglass, open cell foam and most rigid foam, it is possible to get R-19 in a 2x4 wall.  If approved by local building inspectors, it is also not necessary to use house wrap with CLOSED CELL Foam.

Turn your older Chicken House into a Modern Dark House.

Yonah can spray CC SPF on your curtain walls to completely close off all places that allow air to penetrate. It not only insulates your house from heat and cold, it makes fans more efficient since air can only enter through your vents. Greater efficiency means lower costs for heating and cooling and all for around $3,500/ house. Payback is usually occurs in the first year. Stop wasting your profit on energy costs.

The whole process can be done between grow-outs in 1-2 days per house. Come see our test houses and then get Closed Cell SPF in your houses and start $$$$Saving.